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Many industries use social media to promote their products. There are several reasons why social media is an effective advertising method. It is often cheaper than traditional advertising methods. Social media has an impact on several industries. The service industry was the first to take advantage of social media.

The health care industry is now using social media to reach consumers. People can now get up to the minute information on companies. Companies can now talk directly with their customers outside of office hours. The health care industry is starting to realize the benefits of social media. In the past, big name pharmacy companies stayed away from social media. CEO's of pharmacy companies now know that social media management is as important as air conditioning inspections. Big name companies are using social media networks to announce new drugs. Social media networks also help companies form better relationships with their customers.

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Pharmacy and social media 

Economic issues continue to be problematic to the pharmacy industry. Many business consultants are recommending pharmacy companies give social media a chance. Much like bioscience, social media is now merging with the medical industry. For years, social media was not believed to be an effective marketing tool in the pharmacy industry. This is primarily because of the regulatory guidelines imposed on the pharmacy industry. Furthermore, pharmacy companies didn't know how to measure the success of social media without sharing patient information. Thanks to changes in social media, companies can now network with their customers while still following health care regulations. Governments are also encouraging companies to use social media to discuss pharmaceutical drugs.

Getting past regulations

Many pharmacy consultants agree that the claims against social media are exaggerated. Several companies have avoided social media in fear of lawsuits, but in recent years more CEO's are finding ways around pharmacy regulations. Many pharmacy companies are contracting with social media managers to manage their social media profile. This is beneficial to companies and customers, since social media allows customers to discuss side effects without legal concerns. Pharmacy companies are allowed to discuss products and product side effects.

Social media benefits

Social media increases the number of people who are informed about drug treatments. Patients can access medical information from anywhere in the world. They can also speak with people who are having similar medical problems in online forums. Patients can now get medical advice after office hours. Companies are also using social media as a way to market new products. Doctors can also send out mass alerts to patients in minutes. Customers can find out urgent product information any time of day or night.

Over 80 percent of Internet consumers search online for information on medications. Social media is imperative to the future success of pharmaceutical companies. Technology and pharmacy are merging in the 21st century. Pharmacy consultants believe social media will be a large part of the pharmacy industry in five years. The Internet provides a platform for patients to discuss their medical problems and treatments with doctors. Social media will allow consumers instant access to health care professionals.